The Guide of Bojin Meridian Facial Treatment

bojin meridian facial treatment

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What is Bojin Meridian Facial?

A facial treatment known as the Meridian Bojin Facial Treatment therapy is one that gives the appearance of increased vitality by stimulating the meridian points found on the face. This traditional Chinese method does not need any invasive procedures and produces visible benefits immediately following therapy.

Bojin VS Gua Sha

Both the well-known Bojin and the tried-and-true Gua Sha have their own distinct applications and focus on somewhat different problem regions in the body, despite their superficial resemblance. This is the ideal spot to dispel any uncertainty and clarify any misconceptions, so if you’re confused about the two, you’ve come to the right place.

In the traditional Chinese method known as Bojin, the therapist scrapes the patient’s skin with a pointed tool in order to promote the body’s innate capacity for self-healing. In Gua Sha treatment, on the other hand, the therapist scrapes the skin using a tool that is relatively smooth. This method is distinguished by a transient redness known as “sha” or petechiae, which is brought on by increased blood flow to the treated area.

When performing a Bojin facial massage therapy, the tool that is utilised has a pointed tip, which makes it simpler to target specific areas of the face, jawline, and forehead. This is also true when performing a massage on the neck. The most important distinction is that a treatment with Bojin can reduce tension in the tendons and muscles in addition to improving circulation and reducing inflammation, as is the case with treatment with Gua Sha.When performing Gua Sha, a flat, smooth-edged implement, like a jade or rose quartz scraper, is utilised to target the face, neck, and back with a pressure ranging from light to medium. 

When deciding between a Bojin facial massage therapy and a Gua Sha, there are a few things you need to take into consideration before making your decision. If you simply want to improve your health in general, then you should consider getting a Gua Sha treatment. After all, one of the primary benefits of Gua Sha is an increase in blood circulation as well as a reduction in inflammation. Bojin massage, on the other hand, is a more rigorous practice that helps relieve tension and enhance skin tone, so it could be a better alternative for you if you’re searching for something like that.

If you have oily skin or skin that is prone to acne, you may find that a Bojin facial massage therapy is a better alternative for you. This is because the Bojin facial massage therapy takes a more targeted approach, which helps to reduce oil production and enhance skin clarity. In addition, a Bojin facial massage therapy is less likely to leave a mark on you, which is beneficial if you want to avoid having reddish scrape marks appear on your face after the treatment.

In conclusion, if you are new to both Gua Sha and Bojin therapy, you may find that Gua Sha, which is a gentler practice, is a more suitable alternative for you. Bojin is a more vigorous practice that works on your skin on a deeper level. If you have more expertise with TCM massage, Bojin therapy may be a better alternative for you because it is an option that you have more control over.

Benefits of Bojin Meridian Facial TreatmentTherapy

A Bojin Meridian facial treatment therapy stimulates your face’s meridian channels and acupressure points in an effort to improve the health and appearance of your skin. It is a natural, holistic facial treatment. The following are some advantages of a Bojin Meridian facia therapy:

  • Enhancing blood circulation and lymphatic drainage will help you attain a more youthful and bright complexion by eliminating toxins and extra fluid from your skin.
  • By calming the muscles in the face and promoting the synthesis of collagen and elastin, it can lessen the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and dark circles.
  • By balancing your Qi (energy) flow and harmonising your internal organs, it can enhance your general well-being and have an impact on your skin condition. For instance, it may aid in liver detoxification, which may lessen redness and acne.
  • Through its treatment on the tendons and ligaments that form your facial features, it can help you sculpt and contour your face. Additionally, it can aid in the reduction of puffiness, enlarged pores, and double chins.

A mild and efficient substitute for conventional facial treatments that could irritate or cause discomfort is a Bojin Meridian facial treatment therapy. It massages and applies pressure to certain places on your face using a specialised instrument composed of stone, jade, or ox horn. The tool is made to reach deep into the muscle tissue while fitting the natural contours and curves of your face. All skin types can benefit from the procedure, which has no downtime or recuperation requirements.

How is Bojin therapy linked to TCM?

While looking to modern medicine for its grasp of our muscles and joints, Bojin Therapy is firmly grounded in traditional Chinese medicine, drawing on certain of its notions.The traditional TCM ideas of meridians and Qi, or “life energy,” are applied in Bojin therapy. It is believed that your body’s meridians, or paths through which Qi travels, can become blocked or unbalanced, and that this can result in discomfort, sickness, or changes in your overall health.Through the appropriate flow of Qi through the meridian pathways, Bojin Therapy seeks to unblock these channels in the body, thereby restoring balance and fostering health. Bojin therapy also makes use of the fundamental ideas of TCM, specifically acupuncture and acupressure. These theories entail applying pressure or putting tiny needles into particular acupoints throughout the body’s meridians to encourage the flow of Qi and treat a variety of illnesses. In order to release knots in deep tissues and improve blood circulation, pressure is applied to these acupoints using a specially designed buffalo horn massage tool in Bojin therapy. The idea of a comprehensive approach to healing is central to TCM. Similar to TCM, Bojin therapy emphasises general health rather than just treating particular symptoms since it sees the body as an interrelated system. Bojin treatment promotes both physical and emotional wellness by addressing physical pain and calming emotions.

How does Bojin therapy work?

Our looks are a mirror of our natural beauty. Skin disorders on our faces can be a symptom of internal imbalances in the body, which may be caused by ageing or poor health. Dark circles under the eyes can be caused by a lack of sleep as well as by difficulties with the liver. On the other hand, skin redness might be caused by digestive issues. In any case, the good news is that acupressure points on the face have been shown to be effective in treating a range of conditions, including signs of premature ageing. When you get a Bojin Facial massage therapy, acupressure points on your face are massaged using the pointed ends of implements made of ox horn, jade, or stone to release up obstructions in the meridian channel. The sharp tip is utilised to locate acupressure points and to go deep into the muscular tissue in order to reduce muscle stress. The arc point of the tool is excellent for massaging the area around the eyes, and the concave side of the tool is excellent for sculpting the jawline and face.

Who should go for it – Bojin Meridian Facial Treatment Therapy

If you are seeking for an effective and natural way to increase the radiance and health of your skin, you should think about getting a Bojin massage at least once every few months or so. This is the case regardless of whether you are concerned about ageing or simply want an extra boost in your everyday skincare regimen. Those who have skin that is easily irritated may also consider using this treatment because the natural ingredients in it are kind to all different kinds of complexions and won’t cause any flushing or irritation. Getting this facial treatment done regularly at Lush & Glow will considerably delay the appearance of signs of ageing developing on your face faster than expected, allowing you to seem younger for a longer period of time. This is true even if you do not currently have any problems that are easily evident on your face.

Where to get the Bojin Meridian Facial treatment therapy? 

Lush & Glow

Singapore’s Lush & Glow is a beauty salon that provides a variety of services to enhance your appearance and self-confidence. The Meridian Bojin Treatment, a natural and holistic massage therapy that targets your body’s meridian channels and acupressure points to enhance your overall health and wellness, is one of their hallmark services. You can unwind, recuperate from injuries, and enhance your general physical and mental well-being with the help of the treatment.The Bojin head and neck massage and the Bojin eyes and face massage are the two Bojin therapy kinds that Lush & Glow provides. In order to promote relaxation, the Bojin head and neck massage works to release tension in these areas. The purpose of the Bojin face and eye massage is to eliminate pollutants and minimise fine lines and wrinkles on your face. You may schedule an appointment online or give them a call at +65 6222 6803 if you’re interested in trying the Meridian Bojin Treatment at Lush & Glow. A wonderful method to treat yourself and take advantage of the advantages of a natural and holistic massage therapy is with the Meridian Bojin Treatment. One of the greatest locations in Singapore to use this service is Lush & Glow. Give it a try now to experience the difference for yourself! 


bojin meridian facial treatment

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Beauty_Full Skin Wellness

The Bojin face treatment that Beauty_Full Skin Wellness provides is highly regarded. Because they use therapists who are skilled in Bojin techniques, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are in very good hands during treatment. They provide a wide variety of Bojin treatments, ranging from head massages to full-body massages and everything in between.  Their signature service of Bojin massage that stimulates the body to self-heal and achieve a combination of results: beauty, contouring, pain and tension relief, health maintenance and hormone balance. The therapy uses special tools made of water buffalo horns and hands to target localised pain, correct muscle imbalance, and unblock energy flows.Beauty_Full Skin Wellness is one of the best places to experience Bojin face treatment in Singapore. They have three outlets located at Gopeng Street, Tampines, and Jurong East.


bojin meridian facial treatment

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Healing Touch Spa

Are you having trouble choosing between the Bojin and gua sha treatments? Visit Healing Touch Spa to get a taste of both of these options! Both Bojin and gua sha can trace their origins to comparable Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) beliefs. As a result, it should not come as a complete surprise that Healing Touch combines the two methods in a Bojin Gua Sha Face Lift Facial. This treatment will take you through all of the typical processes for a facial, such as exfoliation, deep cleaning, and applying a face mask. However, it also includes an eyebrow shaping session, which helps you feel more rejuvenated afterward.


bojin meridian facial treatment

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SK II Boutique Spa

What it really is a sort of meridian massage that helps to drain toxins and promote radiance, and it was inspired by traditional Chinese practices. One of the techniques that it combines is called the Bojin technique. In order to massage the skin and activate the acupoints located on the face, a microcrystalline tool is utilised. This helps to increase circulation. One of the reviewers made the following statement about the Bojin Meridian facial massage: “The improvements were significant: My laugh lines were barely visible, and my complexion looked radiant and instantly more glowing after the facial.” And the effects lingered for a couple of days.”








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