Bojin Meridian Facial

Bojin Meridian Facial Treatment is a facial treatment that stimulates the meridian points on the face for a rejuvenated appearance. These points are located along meridians, which are energy channels that run through the body. Bojin Meridian Facial Treatment is believed to stimulate these channels and release toxins from the body, which in turn will lead to an increased circulation and improved health of your skin.


Bojin facial shares the same principles as guasha, however it goes deeper into muscles and does not cause as prolonged soreness. Bojin facial uses an ox-horn tool to work on tense tendons and ligaments that are blocking meridian channels. Bojin’s facial massage also helps release tension and stress, as well as relieving headaches and to shape your jaw and create a more V-shaped face.


Our face is a mirror of our health. Imbalances in the body often show up on our face as skin issues. For instance, dark eye circles may reflect lack of sleep or liver problems, while skin redness may be due to stomach problems.

There are many acupressure points on the face that have been used for centuries to provide relief from various ailments such as headaches and fevers. In fact, acupressure massage has been used in dental care specifically to reduce pain non-invasively. 

Bojin Facial uses pointed ends of ox horn, jade or stone tools to gently press acupressure points on your face, opening up blockages in the meridian channels.For example, the tip of the point can be used to locate acupressure points and reach beyond your skin. The arc point is suited for massaging around the eye area, but the concave side can be used to contour your face and neck.


Our skin care specialist will analyse your skin’s condition and recommend treatments. The first step is to get rid of impurities and residue products, followed by a deep cleanse.

The next step of your facial will be unclogging the pores, extracting any visible pimples and blackheads, and clearing any imperfections to allow for a better product penetration.

Our skin care specialist uses a jade ox horn tool to massage points on your face. Meridians are stimulated to promote increased circulation.

Face, neck and shoulder pressure points are often used to help increase blood flow and oxygen throughout the body. This can combat facial puffiness and leave skin looking healthier.

Our skin care specialist will apply a nourishing facial mask to soothe the skin. The mask is rich in vitamins other nourishing ingredients that help retain moisture within the skin.

After the bojin facial, our skin care specialist will apply a toner, day cream and sunscreen to your skin.