5 Trendy and Vibrant Nail Designs for Summer 2024!

Now that spring is slowly ending and the days are getting longer, it’s time to update your nail art with the best styles for summer 2024! This season’s nail art is all about making a statement and showing off your own style. Think bright colors and lots of small patterns on your little fingers.  How amazing is that? These 5 cool nail designs will take your summer look to a whole new level, whether you’re relaxing by the pool or going to a stylish party on a rooftop.  It’s time to make your fingers pop!


Tropical Paradise: Use nail art with a tropical theme to enjoy the bright colors of summer. Think of bright fruit patterns like pineapples and watermelons, palm leaves, and flowers from faraway places. These themes are fun and stand out, making them great for trips to the beach and summer parties.


(photo: nail artistry hub on Pinterest)


Neon Vibes: This summer, neon colors are back in a big way. Add a splash of bright color to your nails with a color like electric pink or fluorescent yellow. You can mix and match bright colors, or for a modern look, choose an accent nail in neon and paint the rest of your nails plain.

(photo: UK Beauty Room)


(photo: Allure)


Pure Pleasure: Soft pastel colors are always a choice for summer. Try out pastel gradients, ombre effects, or gentle flower designs this year. For weddings, brunches, and outdoor parties, pastel nails are perfect because they make you feel girly and sweet.

(photo: Lydia on Pinterest)


(photo: Bustle.com)


Geometric Glam: This summer, geometric nail art is still huge. It gives your manicure a touch of edgy style. Try using circles, squares, diamonds, and other geometric shapes in different colors or metal styles. You could also try negative space designs or simple geometric shapes that look great.

(photo: SheIn UK)


Beachy Blues: Nail art designs in shades of blue that look like the ocean can help you relax and enjoy its beauty. Blue nails, from sky blue to deep navy, make you feel calm and at ease. For a fun touch, add things that are related to the sea, like rocks, waves, or mermaid scales.


(photo: Mom And Newborn)


(photo: Lamore Design)


At Lush, we aim to provide you with the best nail designing service so that you can enjoy your summer like no other.  Let’s get creative and show off your new nails now! 


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